By Tanner Carlson

Staff Reporter1

The SCesports team started their League of Legends season Oct. 10, and played in the Heart of Gold tournament on Saturday, at Wichita State, Wichita in which they placed second overall against the Dream Team, an esports team out of Wichita.

Esports stands for electronic sports, League of Legends is a computer game where two teams of five select champions to fight with, against the opposing team. Once the champion is selected both teams enter the map that contains three lanes. A top-lane, middle-lane, and bottom-lane. The players team up to take over each lane to gain control over the map. The lanes contain turrets, towers, minions, and the opposing champions. The first team to overthrow the opposition’s


base and destroys the nexus, wins the match.

Michael Becker, senior top-laner, said “The strategy depends on what the other team is doing, usually our strategy is to feed our mid-lane, so its flex on what the enemy team is doing and that is to help Cherry.” Cherry is the mid-laner for SCesports. Building a champion throughout the match is key to forming the strongest team possible. A champion can build strength in damage and health and other specialties of each champion.

“The way you want to build your champion is based on your stats, so if you’re ahead in the game, then you want to build more damage first if you are an assassin,” said Becker “But if you are a heavier player like a tank then you want to counter the enemy if you are losing the match.”

A top-laner is the juggernaut of the team, causing damage because they’re the beef, Becker said “We’re the fullback in football pretty much.” Their purpose is to assist in fight and split push in teleport.

The five positions in League of Legend is the top-lane, mid-lane, jungler, support, and ADC (attack, damage, carry).

The support player and ADC play together in the bottom-lane to take control of towers and turrets. Jacob Jimmerson, junior support, said “Basically, what the rule says, I need to support everyone, I need to make sure everyone is staying alive, set-up kills, and try not to take the kills myself.” That is Jimmerson’s role on the team and that is what his teammates rely on him to do.

“I played pretty well the first couple of rounds and then in the championship round I didn’t play as well,” Jimmerson said “They were just better than me, but other than that the tournament went pretty well.”

In football, basketball, or baseball a team must improve after every game if it wants to have a successful season, well it is no different in esports. Jimmerson explained “Continue to practice rotations on the map, map control, vision, and pretty much work on everything.”

The tournament consisted of eight teams in a single elimination, best of three game series in the quarterfinals and semifinals. The championship series would be played in a best of five game series to decide the champions of the Heart of Gold tournament.

The first series SCesports played in was against LVL 20, Wichita in the quarterfinals where SCesports swept the opposition 2-0. In the semifinals SCesports would play RYN, Wichita a series that would go into a pivotal game 3 to decide which team would play in the championship game against the Dream Team. SCesports would win the series 2-1 and advance to the finals.

Nick Carlson, junior ADC, said “My job is to pretty much farm out the minion waves continue to push and make sure my team is put in the best position possible,” Carlson continued with a grin “My job is to not die!”

To go more in depth the ADC is the main damage dealer which helps destroy towers in the most efficient way possible. This ultimately clears a path to the opposing team’s base.

“Everybody played well, Cherry played extremely well, and Jimmerson got put into a new role and did well for his first time at support,” Carlson expressed his gratitude for his teammates knowing Jimmerson usually plays the jungler position but due to strategic purposes moved to support. Carlson continued “Michael showed some good stuff and Hang always plays consistently as well.”

In the championship round SCesports faced off against the Dream Team in a best of five series. The Dream Team expressed their name with the way they play sweeping the Southwestern team 3-0 to take first place at the Heart of Gold tournament.