By Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

With finals and the holiday’s right around the corner, life becomes very chaotic very fast.

It is almost as if it all sneaks up on you without any warnings. It may seem as though there are too many ‘tabs’ open in your brain.

I was talking to one of my professors and she asked me about an upcoming assignment on the syllabus, and I told her that I had not even thought about what I was going to eat later for dinner that night because I was thinking about too much.

All of my tasks included writing essays for my classes, finishing my final projects, studying for finals, trying to use up all of my flex before Christmas break, and packing. I also had to clean out my room so I could leave for break, which entailed unplugging everything in the room, cleaning out the fridge, and taking out all of the trash.

Never mind the fact that I am on the cheer team, and we had cheer practices and a basketball game to cheer at.

While people might argue that this is the most wonderful time of the year, but college kids beg to differ. Once they are home from break and have completed their checklists, then they would agree.

Students may argue that the week before finals could possibly be more stressful than finals week itself. In my opinion, thinking about all that you have to do for the upcoming week is more nerve-racking than actually doing it. When you wipe the dust and cobwebs off your notebook, and begin to review the whole semester starting with August, it can be overwhelming. I saw a tweet that said something like, “The stress you feel when you open your textbook and realize that you have to memorize a whole semester in twelve hours.”

I bet many students can relate to that.

Thankfully, I only had one final per day with tests that were not too hard. Some of my friends are health science or biology majors, and I do not even want to know half of what they went through. 

It is common when in the library during finals week, to see students frustrated and often upset. It is important that you check up on your friends and make sure they are all right during this rough patch.

During finals week, it is important to get enough sleep each night. People might argue that they have to stay up late to study for a test instead of a good night’s rest. It is always nice to get ahead of the game and start reviewing your material a week or two before your exam. By doing so, you will relieve any future stress you could possibly have.

Rest is not the only thing you should get a lot of during finals. Eating right and eating enough is a vital part in succeeding not just year round but especially finals week.

Now, those finals are over and I finally made it home, I can gladly say that I am thankful to have made it through another semester of college. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but you have to be strong.

To me, college is like a battle and the students are the soldiers. If you want to make it through to the end, you have to fight through the ups and downs of the journey and do your best.