By Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

On Nov. 18, Enactus made a comeback on campus after the former leader left Southwestern.

Enactus is an international organization dedicated to enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. They provide a platform for university students to collaborate with business and academic leaders in the development of entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.

Joshua Carter, vice president of membership, said, “I believe Enactus started back due to president Chandler Rich and supervisor Alleigh Allen fighting to bring it back to campus. They know the benefits of the organization and understand how it helps the students.”

All majors are welcomed in the organization. Current members are hoping to see growth in the organization from all areas around campus.

Chandler Rich, president of Enactus, said, “You can join the Enactus group by contacting me or Alleigh Allen, Enactus supervisor, or attend the weekly meetings every Wednesday at 11:30 in the conference room by the Student Success Center.”

Frank Rivas, vice president of Enactus, sees a bright future for Enactus.

Rivas said, “I hope we can set the standard now and build the program back up. Hopefully, we’ll see some enthusiastic people join that can take the program to the next level. Maybe we’ll see some very exciting projects in the making a couple of years from now.”