Fifteen seems like a small number. But for freshmen, it can be intimidating. The “freshman 15” is the notorious weight gain that often plagues new college students. However, some people contradict the cliché.

By Maggie Collett
Staff reporter

Allison Homan, secondary education and math freshman, said she thinks she’s lost weight since arriving in August. “I have a 10-meal plan but I only eat one or two meals per week,” said Homan. “I go home and Mom cooks for me or we go out to eat.”

Although many students have a meal plan or eat out, most can be found with food of their own in their rooms for the times when the cafeteria is closed.

Ttorbin Harper, engineering freshman, said he has Pop Tarts, peanut butter and jelly, and Ramen noodles in his room. Harper eats more since coming to Southwestern, especially in the cafeteria. “I eat everything. Anything they have, I’ll eat,” said Harper. “I’ve gained a little weight.” Harper’s plan for keeping weight off is working out.

Becca Bustraan, biochemistry freshman, said she keeps a supply of EasyMac, cookies, and beverages in her room. “I drink a lot more juice and Mountain Dew,” said Bustraan. Since coming to Southwestern, Bustraan said her eating habits have changed. “I eat more of a meal at lunch and less at dinner. At home, it was flip-flopped,” said Bustraan. When she doesn’t eat in the cafeteria, Bustraan said she sometimes goes for fast food. “I think I’m at twice a week and it’s usually Taco Bell. I think I’ve maintained the same weight since I’ve been here,” said Bustraan.

Although the majority of freshmen are working hard to keep weight off, some are doing the opposite.

Hunter Bohannan, education freshman, said he hasn’t gained weight since August. Bohannan said, “I want to gain weight.”

Maggie Collett is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at