By Melody Brinigar
Staff reporter

Cowley County’s early voting was a success. County commissioners received kudos the morning of Nov. 4 at the county commission meeting on how organized and quick early voting was orchestrated.

Judith Zaccaria, an early voter said, “It was fabulous, done professionally, excellently and calmly.” She was impressed with the system and brought it to the commissioner’s attention.

Karen Madison, county clerk-election officer, complimented her staff on a job well done. They worked hard and it paid off.

The early voter turnout was remarkable. “On Friday there were 200 voters within eight hours and on Monday, 201 voters in four and a half hours,” said Madison.

Gary Wilson, District 2 commissioner was content with the statement. “We were hoping it would go well,” said Wilson.

Others present were vice chairman Wayne Wilt and commissioner Alan Groom. Also present were Mark Krusor, county counselor and Jeremy Willmoth, county administrator. Thirteen individuals attended in addition.

Reports were heard from Kerri Falletti, director of Cowley First, and Melody Pappan, director of Juvenile Services. Becky Reid, Jill Zimmerman and Kelsey Holcomb, county extension agents, also reported to the commission.

From Cowley College, Frank Owens, director of criminal justice, and Matt Stone, director of security and public safety, requested that the commissioners approve an authorized emergency vehicle in accordance with the Kansas Statute 8-2010, ‘Designation of Authorized Emergency Vehicles’.

Don Read, Cowley County Sheriff, had apprehension of responsibility. “My only concern is the liability if involved with something off campus. Bar none, I’ve got no problem,” said Read.

The commissioners approved adding a vehicle in accordance with the Kansas Statute 8-2010.

Gary Mangus, assistant to the Winfield city manager, asked that the Revitalization Program be renewed for 2015-2017. Commissioners voted, and it passed.

Maci DeCoudres, county treasurer, asked for approval of county financial statement. The commission approved the financial statement.

Fiscal year 2014 Cowley County Budget Amendment was approved.

The commission approved the State of Kansas and BNSF Agreement.

The health insurance plan was approved with a new provider. The commission approved a one year trial to see if the provider is what the employees want.

Melody Brinigar is an undergraduate majoring in communication. You may email her at