Jevyn Voss
Staff reporter

With 13 saves Lauren Strain, sophomore goalie, defended the home goal extremely well in Wednesday night’s home soccer match against the Oklahoma Wesleyan Eagles. Those 13 saves could not however save the match from an eventual loss of 2-1 in the golden goal period.

Going into Wednesday night’s game the Builder soccer team had an overall record of 2-3. The Eagles drew first blood in the 42nd minute of the first period.

Thirteen minutes into the second period Sydnie Lowther, freshman forward, knotted up the score 1-1.

With Sydnie’s score and a last second save by Lauren Strain in the final seconds of regulation time, the game went into extended minutes. After just over six minutes of Oklahoma Wesleyan’s offense controlling the field in extended time, they walked away with the game winning score.

Assistant Coach Mike Daniels, who stepped into head coach duties for the game, said, “Tonight was the best that the girls have played all season.” Daniels went on to say that Oklahoma Wesleyan had a complete offense, they played hard and the deserved the credit.

Maddie Chapin, junior defender, said, “Their offense was very good which made us defenders have to adjust to their abilities.” Maddie went on to say that the Eagle offense was very fast and did well reading each other and our defense did their best to shut them down but they caught glimpses of success and took advantage of that.

The stat sheet gives proof of Oklahoma Wesleyan’s offensive control of the game. The ball only made it to their goal nine times and all but one was saved. The builder defense allowed a total of 22 shots at their goal with 15 of those being on goal and two being scores.

Oklahoma Wesleyan’s aggressive play also transitioned into a plethora of fouls. They committed a total of 14 fouls, seven in the first period, six in the second period and one in overtime.

The Lady Moundbuilder’s could not take advantage of the fouls and get more offensive opportunities.

The Builders will be in action next at Manhattan Christian College at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 22.

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