By Daegiona Wilson
Staff reporter

Sometimes a late push is all it takes.

This is exactly what played in Avila’s favor, as they clinched a tight game Saturday defeating the Builders 29-27 in Peculiar, Mo.

Marcus Richard, senior safety, started the game off strong with a pass interception in the first 90 seconds.

Richard, said, “the only way to set the tone for how their passing game would be was to get stops early. He underestimated me so he paid the price.”

Throughout the rest of the first quarter both teams battled each procession, but the defenses made it difficult for the offenses to find any type of rhythm.

Brad Griffin, head coach, said, “We talked about it. We knew it was going to take a little time to get going for both sides. We definitely missed a few opportunities early that hurt us.”

Both teams remained scoreless for a while. Until 6:49 to go in the first half, Keyshawn Wyatt, senior running-back, took it up the middle for a 29-yard run.

A few minutes later John Jacobs III, junior quarter-back, answered, connecting to DeAnthony Williams, freshman running-back, for an Eagle touchdown. The free kick was no good. Giving SC a 7-6 lead with 3:04 to go in the half.

Right before the half, Brad Cagle, senior quarter-back, found Keyshwan Jones, junior wide-receiver, for a back of the end zone touchdown. The Builders took a 14-6 lead going into halftime.

Coming out of the half, the Eagles went for a touchdown drive. Jacobs completed a pass to Devin Senerius, senior wide-receiver, giving the Builders just a 14-13 lead, with under 10 minutes in the quarter.

Jaquils Coleman, junior running-back, responded for the Builders, carrying it in for 8-yards. This extended the lead to 21-13, with 4:42 in the third.

Throughout the fourth quarter, things started to heat up.

Jacobs took over for the Eagles. He was able to carry it in on a one-yarder, and cut the Builders to 21-19, with 9:50 remaining.

On a play shortly after that, Cagle got injured, as he went for an outside run on the left-side of the field. This forced the Builders to rely on, Joseph Perez, sophomore quarterback, for the remainder of the game.

Griffin said, “On a coaching stand-point and player stand-point you know anyone can get hurt at any given moment. Our mentality was to put the next man up.”

Darrin Hicks, senior line-man, said, “I’m proud of JC for stepping up and delivering. He was thrown into a situation and instead of folding he stood tall.”

The Eagles continued to push in the last ten minutes, with Kaivon Mortazavi, freshman kicker, clinching a 31-yard kick to cut the Builders lead to 22-21.

With a Perez pass picked off by Jose Bautista, freshman defensive-back, it put the ball back in the Eagles hands. Jacobs connected with Malik Nesbitt, junior running-back, extending Avila’s lead 29-21.

The Builders answered with a play reversal to Keyshawn Jones, in the final three minutes, but the two-point conversion was no good, giving the Eagles a 29-27 lead.

The Builders were able to get another shot, but an interception solidified the game for the Eagles.

This lost drops the Builders to 4-2, as they now sit third in the KCAC.

Next, they will host Sterling this Saturday 1 p.m. inside Jantz Stadium.

Hicks said, “The plan is to finish. Something that we haven’t had success going against teams who are pretty good.”

“It’s going to take offense and defense for us to be successful and finish with a win.”

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