By Kylie Stamper

Staff reporter

Among the countless traditions at SC, Eagerheart is one that students and community members alike look forward to. Eagerheart, in its 81st year, is a play put on by the campus players as a gift to the community. They will perform in two different venues with four shows.

Eagerheart was written by A.M. Buckton in the early 1900’s in Glastonbury, England. The main character, Eager Heart, strives to bring out a distinct connection between religions. Roger Moon, associate professor of theater and speech, said, “She believes that for all of us among the many religions that there is a spiritual connection. And that spiritual connection is love. And we need to exhibit it by our care for each other.”

The play is all about the story of Christmas. Zoe Rea, theater sophomore, said, “Eagerheart is a different take on the nativity story. It’s a little bit different and it focuses on other people and how they come and see Jesus. People get to see the story from someone else’s perspective.”

Moon said, “It’s a beautiful morality play about finding what’s really important at Christmas time and asking what was Jesus really giving us with the gift of Christmas and how do we pass on that love.”

Eagerheart isn’t just a play, though. It has a personal connection with each of the actors and audience members. Some people have seen it every year for decades, others might be first-timers, but it still leaves a lasting impact. “People say Christmas begins in Winfield when they go see Eagerheart because it really reminds them that if Christ comes to us it is not as a triumphant king, as a king of wisdom, as a king of power, it’s not in big ways but it comes in love in simple ways in the people around us. It’s realizing how we all are connected,” said Moon.

Joey Tran, music senior, said, “I think it’s cool to be bringing in the community to a Christmas show that happens every year. It brings the campus and the community closer together. I’ve seen how it touches people and when you’re part of Eagerheart you feel like you’re part of its history; part of SC’s history. And you see in people’s eyes that they’ve worked hard or they want to be in the play because it’s a tradition and I feel honored to be a part of that. It’s rewarding. You feel the Christmas presence. It’s amazing.”

Eagerheart will show Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 11, Thursday, Dec. 5 at 6:30 after a community meal, and at 10:50 on Dec. 8 during the church service at Grace United Methodist Church, and one last time at 7:00 on Dec. 8 at First Presbyterian Church. All shows are free and open to the community.

Kylie Stamper is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at