By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

Boom. Boom. Boom. Tap. Boom. Boooooom. Tap.

The beating of drums will be floating across campus at 7 p.m. Dec. 4. The Southwestern College African Drum and Dance Ensemble will be displaying their skills with a unique and cultural concert. While the group has performed at other concerts before, this will be their first own performance.

The ensemble has only been present on campus for a little over year. Jeremy Kirk, assistant professor of band, began the group his first year of teaching at Southwestern College in the fall of 2013. While you can be in the group for credit and take a class, it is also open to any student at Southwestern College.

The concert will be full of traditional and authentic African music and dance. Throughout the entertaining evening they will perform five pieces. Along with getting to be immersed into the music of the African culture, the audience will also be given educational information on the drums and the music’s history.

“I don’t even want to call it a concert because it isn’t formal enough to be a concert, it’s a performance. There will be drumming, singing, dancing, and even participation from the audience,” Kirk said.

“Of course there is drumming and music, but my favorite part about this unique experience is the dancing. I really enjoy dancing and getting to be a part of this and experiencing dancing pieces from another culture is really exciting,” said Luke Nicolay, organ performance junior.

Kaitlyn Holler, music education junior, welcomed students to come to the performance and immerse themselves in something new. “The performance will be really fun, and not only that, but a neat experience for students on campus to learn more about West African culture.”

Kirk said, “This is stuff that, as a society, we aren’t really accustomed to. So if you attend this concert it will be a complete cultural shock and give you something to take away from the experience. It isn’t a come and sit kind of concert, but more of a come watch, learn, and interact with us kind performance.”

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