The business division has adopted a dress code. As of this semester, Andy Sheppard, vice president of academic affairs, as well as the professors of the business division are begining to enforce a dress code for the business majors.

Sheppard said, the idea was developed last year by faculty members after an accumulation of unprofessionalism from students were noted. There were complaints about a few students wearing slippers, flip-flops, and sport attire to class as well as wearing headphones during lecture sections. “Students were blatantly rude, and there were a lot of complaints from the faculty members. When it starts to annoy the faculty and starts to annoy the students, it’s more than just the one ‘cool guy’,” said Sheppard.

Another reason for the code is for preparation. “It’s not about personal appearance. Business is a discipline for predisposing different things about your profession. Part of good education isn’t just mastering what’s in a textbook. It’s about being formed in the discipline that you’re studying. You wouldn’t show up to football practice in a soccer uniform. Why wouldn’t that apply to your business course?” said Sheppard. 

Some of the students have mixed feelings about the clothing situation. “I was against it initially because I was once an athlete and know what it’s like to have to change before practice for class and all. But I definitely agree with it now that I know all the details and realize they’re giving us the things we need before we graduate. They’re just giving us a chance to be prepared for that,” said Devon Davis, business senior.

Rodaius German, business senior, responded a bit differently. “I’m pretty much indifferent to it. It’s not that big of a deal to me because I only wore shorts and stuff to class on days I had practice. All this means that I have to change after class,” said German.

Josh Hall is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at