By Taylor Finke
Staff reporter

Five heroes with incredible powers battle an evil, powerful villain. No, this is not ‘The Avengers’, but instead DreamWorks’ ‘The Rise of the Guardians’. The movie follows the struggle with the evil Pitch (voiced by Jude Law) who is turning children’s dreams into nightmares-wicked-looking horse creatures which cause the world’s children to stop believing in ‘big four’ characters.

This movie definitely defied the Christmas-y movie norm. Santa, called North, voiced by Alec Baldwin, is Russian, has tattoos, and wields swords. The Easter Bunny, voiced by Hugh Jackman, is Australian, stands over six-feet tall, and throws boomerangs like nobody’s business. The Tooth Fairy, voiced by Isla Fisher, makes an appearance as a half-hummingbird-half-human. There is also the adorable, silent Sandman. These four makes up the Guardians, who protect the hopes and dreams of worldwide children.

However, the notorious Boogeyman, Pitch, sets his plans to destroy the Guardians into motion. In order to stop Pitch from destroying the belief of all the children, a new Guardian is chosen. The mischievous Jack Frost voiced by Chris Pine. The five Guardians then attempt to keep children’s belief in them alive.

One part of the movie I found particularly interesting was the parallels between Jack and Pitch. Children do not believe in them, so neither can be seen by kids. This is what causes Pitch to bring down the Guardians. I was also fairly interested in Jack’s backstory, but there was less shown than I would have liked.

This movie was worth it, all around, even if the plot was a little generic, it was fresh for a Christmas flick. Actually, the ticket is worth the price for the beautiful animation alone. The animation is almost as breathtaking as ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Also, the fresh takes on the old favorite characters was top-notch. Overall, ‘The Rise of the Guardians’ is a fun new take on old traditions, with a little more action thrown in.

Taylor Finke is a freshman majoring in English. You may email her at