By Rodney Marner
Staff reporter

Will Atenton, who is a successful writer in New York City signs a book contract, quits his job and relocates his wife Libby and two daughters to a small quiet New England town.

They get settled into the house and a new life. They find out everything is not as good as it seems, the perfect house they thought they moved into wasn’t so perfect after all. They find things like strangers looking through the windows and a group of local goth teens having a satanic ritual in the basement.

The home they moved into was home to a murder of a wife and children. Everyone in the town thought that the husband was the murderer.

Daniel Craig the guy, who plays James Bond, plays Will Atenton. He did a swell job in his role of Will, keeping his character a secret and mysterious. When Will goes out to investigate the murder that took place in his house, things get weird.

His only lead comes from the neighbor Ann Paterson, who is played by Naomi Watts. She was really close to the family that was killed, who throughout most of the beginning of the movie just looks at him with a blank stare.

Director, Jim Sheridan does a great job of keeping things interesting and mysterious, keeping the viewers of the movie interested and on edge throughout the movie. David Loucka, the writer, does a good job of that as well. The movie is not as suspenseful as it is mysterious, and it changes pace throughout.
There was one problem with this movie and it is that the previews of the movie give it away. If the viewers saw the previews, it gave away the movie in a way. But it doesn’t completely give it away, there is still a twist to be seen.

That is where some confusion could come in from watching the previews then going into this movie with what the preview gave away, which also throws the viewers in for complete confusion as to what is going on in the movie.

In Will Atenton’s investigating he goes to a psychiatric ward to try and talk to the husband of the family who was murdered. His name was Peter Ward, but he can’t find him.
He tries going to the cops to get answers, a police report files from the case but they wouldn’t give him anything or help him at all.

Then he goes to the warden of the psychiatric ward and finds out things that he doesn’t believe and throws him for a complete loop. He finds out that he is Peter Ward, the husband who killed his family, but he doesn’t believe it. That is where the movie gets interesting and throws everyone for a spin.

If the audience wants to get a suspenseful and mysterious movie that has Daniel Craig, that one guy who plays James Bond, and gives them a sense of Shutter Island, then Dream House is for you. If you might also be up for a nice outing with a group of friends or one of those ever so often happening Free Movie Nights at Southwestern this would be the movie to go see.

Rodney Marner is a freshman majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at