Donovan McMullen, senior catcher, matches his swing with the player at bat. McMullen scored 1 run and was credited with 5 putouts at his center position. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Austin Jentzsch, sophomore pitcher, whips the ball through the strikezone.  Jentzsch led the team with 94 total pitches. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Taite Saldana, junior outfielder, rips through his swing at the ball. Saldana scored two runs and one RBI in the first match up against Sterling. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The players in the dugout wait excitedly for their turn at bat. The Builders swiftly defeated Sterling 14-4 by the end of the first match of the doubleheader. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Sterling Spurling, sophomore infielder, takes a crack at the pitch. Spurling led the team with seven hits total by the end of the doubleheader. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Cody Carpenter, senior outfielder, discusses something with Josh Kiel, assistant coach. Carpenter walked to first base after the drop third strike rule took effect at the top of the fourth inning. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Jacob Woodburn, sophomore pitcher, retreats to third after attempting to sneak home. Southwestern defeated Sterling swiftly by stealing runs. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Angel Velez, junior catcher, leans back to avoid being pelted by the ball. Velez scored a home run. Velez had a total of 7 putouts in the first game against Sterling. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Taylor Rodriguez
Staff reporter

Southwestern decidedly defeated Sterling in a thrilling doubleheader yesterday. The men won both bouts with scores of 14-4 and 7-5.

With a temperature in the low-70s and a brisk wind, it was a perfect day for baseball at the Broadway Sports Complex.

Kevin Frady, head baseball coach, thought the weather was just as fantastic.

“It’s finally a beautiful day here. I’m excited to be on the field for once with the sun out. ”

At the top of the first inning, first game, there was an unfortunate string of outs for Sterling, leaving Southwestern with an early 3-0 lead.

Going into the second inning, the men increased the lead to a total of seven runs to Sterlings two.

The third inning was uneventful for both sides, as no runs were scored leading into the halfway point of the first game.

Teresa Nichols, security officer, was proud of the men’s performance so far in their season.

“There were some really good hits and some really good plays. They swept last weekend, the number seven team in the nation. they were really good games. every single one of them. It’s very entertaining to watch them.”

Nichols claims to have not missed a single home game. That dedication is exhibited by her while running between fields to cheer on the baseball and softball players.

Near the end of the fourth inning, John Mareks, senior infielder, scored a run on a double by Donavan McMullen, senior center.

Around then, the wind started to pick up, almost as if it was being influenced by the energy in the dugout.

Despite being buffeted by the wind, Frady didn’t seem to be concerned about it affecting the performance on the field.

“It’s just another day in Kansas, ya know? We are used to the wind.”

That inning put the Builders at a whopping four runs ahead of Sterling and the momentum didn’t stop there.

In the fifth, sixth and seventh inning we see a lack scoring from Sterling as Southwestern continued to build an immense lead on the board.

At the top of the fifth inning, Sterling strikes out with their first three batters.

There was an energy in the dugout and in the crowd that didn’t seem to fade.

“The team, they kind motivate themselves. But, it’s nice when you have a crowd and you can get into the game. We were all kinda getting into the game and it was good,” said Nichols.

By the end of the first game, Southwestern stomped Sterling by an astounding 10 runs.

Southwestern kept the same drive going into the second game against Sterling.

The Warriors struck fast against Southwestern, scoring a single run over the Builders at the bottom of the first.

Both teams fought tooth and nail in the second inning, scoring three runs each. That brought the score to 3-4 at the top of the third.

The next two innings were less than profitable for Sterling as Southwestern scored one run over them.

Cody Carpenter, senior outfielder, scored the run, igniting the lead that brought Southwestern above Sterling at the end of the seventh inning.

The fifth and sixth innings are met with no runs scored by Sterling and Southwestern puts another three runs up on the board.

Southwestern ends the seventh inning victorious over Sterling with a final score of 7-5.

Frady doesn’t attribute the success of his team to any single player.

“It’s a team effort. We’ve been preaching all fall and into the start of the spring that no one person is gonna make us, but one person can break us. We’ve all got to be pulling on the same end of the rope,” said Frady.

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Southwestern will face off against Sterling again at 2 p.m., Mar. 1 at the Broadway Sports Complex in Winfield, Kansas.