By Hanna House
Staff reporter

Throughout this month of Dorm Wars, the Green Team has been scrambling to receive as many recyclable items to help give them a boost in the nationwide competition Recycle Mania.

They are approaching the halfway mark in the competition and Cole is in the lead with a total of 47 pounds of recyclable items.

It is no secret that the Green Team is continually promoting recycling around campus but this time of the year is especially important to them.

“We do the dorm wars every year as a way to boost recycling during this time of the school year,” said Jason Speegle, director of Green Team.

Members of the Green Team pick up recycling from each of the competition sights and determine a leader every week.

“We record the weights of the recycling for each of the dorms in the competition; Reid, Broadhurst, Cole, Warren and Sutton,” said Daniel VanSickle, business administration senior.

According to VanSickle, Wallingford is not participating in the competition because of the lack of recycling bins.

The Green Team is hoping to place bins in Wallingford sometime in the future but because of problems in the past, they were removed.

The winner of Dorm Wars receives a dorm-wide pizza party to celebrate their part in helping protect the environment.

Hanna House is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email her at