By Kyle Hernandez
Staff reporter

College dorms are a place where a student can grow and become more independent. It can also be a place of excitement and fun. They can also be a bit overwhelming, but at the same time, it can be a life changing experience. For many college students, there are both advantages and disadvantages of living in college dorms.

Marci Diepenbrock, an RA from Cole works hard to make sure the residents feel right at home. Cole Hall is mainly the freshman girl’s dorm. “We expect the girls to respect what we do for them and what we can do for them if they need help,” said Diepenbrock. She has never faced any major difficulties while on duty. “I personally haven’t had any problems but some of the other RA’s have had just minor problems,” said Diepenbrock.

Carlene Dick, a resident from Reid has had positive experiences living there opposed to previously living in Cole. “I like the community and size, I get a lot more room than I did in Cole,” said Dick. However, some of her insights on Reid were less approving than that of Cole. “Reid is not the cleanest, Cole was a lot newer and cleaner and I wish there were more washers and dryers,” said Dick. Dick really hopes to accomplish some things for next year. “I really want to be an RA for Reid next year,” said Dick.

Benson Chan, resident of Wallingford expected a totally different experience when it came to living in the dorms. His lack of choice was restricted to Wallingford, as it was the only available dorm upon his arrival. “I had no other option,” said Chan. The exchange student from China would rather live in Broadhurst; the cost to live alone in Wallingford is considerably higher opposed to Broadhursts living expenses. “I’m paying extra here and I want to move,” said Chan.

Luiz Reyes, from Broadhurst likes the dorm because of the fact that he gets a room to himself, no roommate. “I get my own room and it’s quiet,” Reyes said. One thing he isn’t too fond of would be how people smoke outside. “People will smoke and the smell just carries,” Reyes said. If there was one thing Reyes likes about Broadhurst, it would be the beds are better. “Broadhurst has better beds. They’re not like the ones in Wallingford,” said Reyes.

There are a lot of college students that expect highly of the dorm they live in because it is what they have to deal with throughout the four year they are at college. It’s a big deal and it affects them a lot more than people would think.

Kyle Hernandez is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at