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Board games, free drinks and snacks, and good company brought the residents of Cole Hall together for Game Night last Sunday at Cole Hall.

“Sometimes we go to the third floor and do certain activities like game night where we can hang out,” said Donaji Garcia, nursing freshman.

Anastasia Prokopis, business freshman, was at game night. She said she believes it helps build a community and brings everyone together, plus it is fun.

All Cole Hall residents were invited to participate in the event, which the resident assistants organized to create a fun environment.

The women played various board games such as, Apple to Apples and Mad Grab. The Wii was also available for the women to play. Some of the games the women played were sports related such as baseball.

In addition to game night resident assistants at Cole Hall planned other activities for the women such as Mary Kay night, self-defense classes, movie night, and an H1N1 information class. These events are presented to the women to keep them informed as well as entertained.

“They try to keep the activities informative and fun,” said Prokopis.

Bri Johnson, undecided freshman, was at game night. She said she thinks that when all the women get together they are like one big family and it helps to build bonds as well as good times.

The women stay or leave depending on how informative and entertaining the activity is.

“I remember the first game night didn’t finish until very late,” said Johnson.

Cole Hall residents also began ‘American Idol night.’ The women will meet at 7 p.m. every Tuesday in Cole Hall to watch the show together.