One of the most polarized, toxic and volatile elections has finally come to an end. After a long evening of election results slowly trickling in, Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Trump had long trailed Hillary Clinton in the polls throughout the entirety of the campaign, yet Trump surprised everyone on Tuesday evening with a stunning upset after a evening-long battle for electoral votes.

This was not the only surprise of the evening, as the Republican party was able to secure enough seats to maintain a majority in the Senate. This was helped along with very decisive wins by incumbent Marco Rubio in Florida and Todd Young in Indiana. Senator Jerry Moran was also re-elected to represent the state of Kansas for the next six years.

The Kansas House of Representatives results were as follows:
1st district Roger Marshall
2nd district Lynn Jenkins
3rd district Kevin Yoder
4th district Michael Pompeo

Larry Alley also came out on top against Don Shimkus for the Kansas Senate race in the 32nd District which encompasses Wellington, Winfield and Arkansas City.

For more state and local results, check out the following link:


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