Pictured above: Students dip their hands in paint and place it on the ‘Diversity Wall’ to signify unity on campus.

Tanner Carlson

Staff Reporter

Diversity week is coming to an end as campus life host ‘Freemium Fridays: Diversity Edition.’ The event is designed for students to bond over coloring.

The significance of the activity is that although there are different pictures, and different colors there are plenty of similarities and that everyone is here for the same reason. It also portrays the individuality of each person being able to express themselves how they want to by coloring the picture.

The pictures themselves are different some have positive messages, such as “Be Kind,” others are unique, for example coloring a picture of a unicorn.

The pictures, how they are colored, and what they mean, signify what accepting diversity is all about. It does not matter what color someone color that picture, the fact that they are doing it with others as a community and supporting that person is purpose of it all.

Tanner Carlson is a senior majoring in communication. You may contact him at tanner.carlson@sckans.edu