By RJay McCoy
Staff reporter

With Thanksgiving break approaching, many students will travel home to see their families and to get a little time off from school.

While Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally revolving around family, some students will not have the opportunity to return home due to distance.

Students who are unable to return home are allowed to stay on campus, although the cafeteria will close on Nov. 26 after lunch.

Close friendships made on campus provide other options for students that can’t make it home for the holiday.

Many students will often join a friend in going home or consolidate with an adopted family. The dinner and family festivities could be different from what your family might usually do. Friends who live closer to school are always open to having friends come home with them for break. Tagging a ride home with a friend will give the holiday cheer without missing Thanksgiving.

David Moral, business sophomore, says “I am from Spain and will be unable to travel home for break. I will be joining a friend in Tulsa from the tennis team for the Thanksgiving break. I think it will be a great experience taking the holiday with my friend and his family.”

Students staying on campus participate in Friendsgiving.

The comfort of friends keep the students that are not able to make it home in good spirits with being away from the family.         

Sarah Hallinan, assistant dean of students said, “Students should be taken care of on campus that aren’t able to go home. Local churches in the past have always gave students free meals during their time on campus.”

The Southwestern food pantry is open to students. This serves as another option when the caf is closed.

Other students tell of their holiday adventures.

David Cruz, business freshman said, “For Thanksgiving I will be spending my time in Miami out of this Kansas weather. My friend’s family that I am going home with is very generous and his home is always open to friends during the holiday.”

Security will still be available on campus 24 hours, and there will be a hall director on duty in case of any emergencies. All college offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday.