Ashlee Alley, campus minister, and Tiffany Rea, philosophy and religious studies junior, play a video game at Discipleship's game night Friday in Wroten Hall. Members from the organization are set to leave for a mission trip to New Mexico March 16. (Erica Dunigan/Collegian photographer)

By Erica Dunigan
Staff reporter

Discipleship will pile in vans on March 16 to travel to New Mexico. A year and half ago Discipleship chose from ten different locations for their annual mission trip. This year the team chose a task they have never done before.

Every year Discipleship takes a mission trip. There are a variety of different mission trips they take from helping in Kansas, the United States and internationally.

When planning a trip, there are many steps that need to be taken. John Badley, grad assistant of the Institute of Discipleship, helped get this trip on the right path. “About a year and half before trips a team member is given a task to research ten different places where we can visit,” said Badley. “Each place has a different issue from poverty to a medical mission.”

After the team member chooses the locations they present them in front of the team. “We talk about how much the trip will cost, different locations and different issues that they deal with. We let the entire team vote for where will travel to,” said Badley.

This year the team members chose to go a different route then they have done before. Badley said they decided to go to a rural setting. “We have never done anything with marginalized ethnic population,” he said.

With a new and exciting mission in sight, Badley needed to make sure everything is in place before the time comes to depart. “There are many things we have to take in consideration for the trip from travel, what is going to happen when we get there, health insurance and if the team members will have the money to go,” said Badley.

Luckily, Badley said, “Everything is done, just a few minor details left.” Which is a good thing since Friday is right around the corner.

Once the team arrives to northwest New Mexico near the four corners they will join forces with a ministry called Experience Missions.

Ashlee Alley, campus minister, said, “We are going to be working with them to do some construction work and community outreach type of things on the Navajo reservation.”

Discipleship looks forward each year when the time comes to reach out and help. Alley said mission trips are a way for the members to go be open to new ways of serving and being in communities with others. “Mission trips are an opportunity to be what we say as God’s hands and feet out in the world,” she said.

“Mission trips are life changing,” said Badley. “When going to these places it’s just a completely different world paradigm and to be placed in the middle of that really forces you to realize that a lot of the things we assume to be true about the world are not and that we really need to change the way we think, so we can be a part of changing the world for the better.”

The team will travel back to Winfield March 23 just in time before spring break ends.

Erica Dunigan is a senior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at