By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

Kylie Stamper is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email her at


By Keilah Chambers
Staff reporter

The term ‘you can see positive things in anything’ took on a new meaning last night during the Discipleship sticky noting event.

Molly Just, director of Discipleship, said “The idea behind it is that Discipleship will provide chalk and sticky notes and pens and the three main building are going to be open. Students are just gathering together and then going and writing some encouraging notes in chalk or on sticky notes and leaving them for people to see when they come in tomorrow.”

The event started at the bottom of the 77 last night. Several people showed up to take part in the activity.

“The first goal is it’s a great time to gather together in community, and from there it’s a good way to uplift the rest of the community. I think [it is] uplifting professors and staff members that are in these buildings. Everyone likes a surprise leaving them encouraged.” said Just.

The goal seemed clear and that was to simply make people smile during after a long midterm week.

Carlene Dick, elementary education sophomore, said “I know this will make people smile.”

Keilah Chambers is a junior majoring in communication. You can email her at