Graphic by Taylor Rodriguez

By Bradley Cagle 
Staff reporter 

The Southwestern College dining services have had to make some of the most changes in their workplace during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

They have had to change seating arrangements, their method of serving and even the food they serve. It has been a difficult adjusting to all the changes, but the whole dining service staff is doing their best to make it work. 

“It is a challenging time in many facets and we’ve had many obstacles,” said Misty Terrill, director of dining services.

“You have to anticipate as much as possible, but be able to change course at a moment’s notice, as well as be able to work well with others and as a team.” 

Many changes occurred when COVID-19 first came to the community. Terrill states that dining services and others, including Brad Andrews, President of Southwestern College, worked together to come up with the best plan to feed everyone and keep them all safe.

Seating arrangements are single tables spread out six feet apart. Students are no longer able to serve themselves the food and the food selection has been cut.  

“I definitely do not like the changes that have been made,” said Seth McManus, biology junior. 

“It was a lot easier when we got to get our own food and portion sizes, also miss being able to sit and socialize like we used to be able to do.”

Not only are students having trouble adjusting to the changes, dining services staff also has issues of their own. 

“It gets difficult when the lines get very backed up due to food not being ready and I have to deal with angry students who just want food,” said Kobina Coker, junior.  

The dining services are working hard to adjust to the changes. They want be able to meet the needs of the students and staff.