Isaac Chua/courtesy photo

By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

Wednesday Chapel services aren’t the only time to hear praise and worship. The Worship Outreach program features three music worship teams: Keynotes, World Witness, and Selah, all under the direction of Martin Rude. To help organize communication among the teams each team is represented by a student facilitator. The job of student facilitator is to facilitate the team in weekly meetings, plan trips and communicate with pastors of the respective churches that they visit beforehand.

Zach Castor, biology junior, is the student facilitator for Selah. He explains the difference between the three groups.

“The main difference is the styles in which we worship. Selah has traditionally been more rock, and is starting to lean towards more acoustic with just a few singers, while Keynotes has more of a choir with a background instrumental sound. World Witness Team is similar to Keynotes in that regard, however World Witness Team has a focus on other cultures,” said Castor.

Castor has been involved with worship most of his life, and has been involved with the Worship Outreach teams since his first semester.

Isaac Chua, religion and philosophy junior, serves as the student facilitator for World Witness. He has been serving in worship for the last seven years.

“I have been playing the guitar and piano and leading youth group worship back home in Singapore before I came here,” said Chua.

The Outreach Worship teams aren’t just about giving a standard performance to please the ears Chua explains.

“Worship teams help to lead people in musical worship to God. They lead people in a service to express with words in music praise and adoration for God, as well as seeking further devotion to God. Worship is an important part of our lives and worship teams have an important role in guiding the people of God in doing that,” said Chua.

Throughout the school year Outreach Worship teams have performances on campus, local churches, and travel frequently to other churches outside of the Winfield community. Tiffany Rea, marine biology sophomore, is the student facilitator of Keynotes. She said that highlights of upcoming travels include worshipping with churches in Augusta and Andover, and are arranging a hopeful journey to western Kansas to Dodge City as well. When a worship team travels, it’s not just about worshiping and coming back home she said.

“Depending on how involved the pastor requests us to be, we range from simply preparing a special music piece, to leading all of the music, to planning and leading the entire service. After the service we make an effort to connect with Southwester Alumni and reach out to prospective students,” Rea said.
Castor agrees with Rea and adds, “One of our main intentions is to build relationships with people, especially the youth.”

You don’t have to be a religion or music worship major to be involved with the Outreach Worship program. Chua said, “Anyone can join the Worship Outreach worship teams. You can contact Martin Rude, or look for one of the student facilitators. You don’t have to know how to play an instrument, and you do not have to have a great voice in order to join. As long as you have a worshipful and willing heart to serve, we would love to have you. Being part of a worship team is a fruitful experience, where you can grow together with your fellow students and share great joy together. You’ll get to learn new and fun worship songs, and also travel and visit many churches around the area. It is a great way to get connected.”

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