By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

The college lends out laptops to all full-time students along with faculty and staff. This year however, they have yet to arrive.

Ross Peterson-Veatch, vice president for academic affairs, said that in order to go around a delay, they ordered the laptops a month early. They did not expect that the delay would continue two months into the school year.

“The laptops normally take anywhere from ten days to two weeks after being ordered from the supplier,” Peterson-Veatch said. “The distributor said that laptops would not be at Southwestern until August.”

Peterson-Veatch looked for other options but the other suppliers said the same thing.

Zoe Berger, business freshman, became frustrated as more time passes.

“After starting the first week of school, I thought it was going to be okay. Then after that, it was a little annoying because a lot of my classes are on Blackboard and require a laptop to do and I have to do it on my phone because I cannot download Blackboard on my Mac.”

Baylee York, business freshman, is also frustrated about the delay in laptops.

“Not everyone has their own computers, yes, we have the library, but it’s not open 24/7,” York said. “Some people need to do homework at 3 a.m.”

Peterson-Veatch said that the lack of laptops does not help the professors because last year they created some amazing things on Blackboard. With not everyone having the surface pros, this makes it hard for the professors along with the students.

“I am disappointed because, we do not know what else we can do at this point,” Peterson-Veatch said.

Berger and York both agree that since they paid for it, the freshmen should have laptops.

“Some freshmen discussed that since they will not have laptops for half of the semester, they should get some money back,” Berger said.

York said that the laptops should be ordered at the end of last semester with COVID-19 still affecting shipping.

Peterson-Veatch said that next year, they will order the surface pros at the third or fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

This problem is mainly for new students or transfer students who have not received their laptops yet. Returners already have their computers from year’s past.