By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

A social network site has provided Deets Library a way to share information about new movies and CDs. The library has been on Pinterest for a year and a half.

“Students and faculty members come and ask us what the new DVDs in the collections are and with the catalogs there was no way to search for. We could create a board with all the new DVDs, CDs, books and other information on Pinterest,” said Veronica McAsey, library director.

Tendai Kwaramba, biology and biochemistry senior, works in the library and said the library wanted Pinterest so students and faculty would know when the library had new stuff in.

Kaley Rodrigez, elementary education senior, said, “I didn’t know that the library had a page for Pinterest, but I like to use Pinterest for lesson plans for education and also for cooking food.”

McAsey said the library also added a couple of career databases this summer. The new webpage is for career searches and resources for career plan development. It will help with resumes, cover letters, and interviews mainly.

The library will also participate in the International Games Day on Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. “The International Games Day will start in the evening and we will have games set up, so it will be a really fun day. There will be popcorn and the library will be open until the last person leaves,” said Kwaramba.

The International Game Day has a Wii and Xbox for the students to play. The library will have some board games. “They can just show up before it will be interesting because it is the first years we are doing it, I do not know how it will turn out but hopefully it is fun,” said McAsey.

You may get more information about career searches and resources at here or for more information about Pinterest you may go to here.

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her