Graphic by Taylor Rodriguez

By Raul Orozco
Staff reporter

In celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, Steve Kramer, assistant director for advising, and Molly Just, discipleship director, and a group of Hispanic students are setting up a tribute table in the library on November 1.

The table will be available throughout the day for any student or faculty member to drop off a picture or item of a lost loved one.

Rebeca Dominguez, philosophy and religion junior, set up an Ofrenda last year, and the tradition will continue this year with the help of Mariana Ochoa.

With the help of faculty members, the Day of the Dead will be able to be celebrated on campus.

Kramer said that he encourages students and faculty alike to bring an item or picture of a lost loved one and set it at the table by the candles.

This would be his first time celebrating the holiday on campus.

There will be a poster describing the holiday more in depth and its importance for the Hispanic culture, and the students hope to see people celebrating their lost loved ones