Krista Cross, biology junior, is headed to Huangshang University in Tunxi, China for a study abroad next semester. (Carly Budd/Collegian photographer)

By Rodney Marner
Staff reporter

Huangshang University in Tunxi, China will have a new student in the spring of 2012. Krista Cross, biology junior, is going to be a part of the China Program at HU. George Gangwere and his wife are in charge of the program.

The school currently enrolls about 13,000 full-time undergraduates coming from all over China, the United States, Korea, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Cross will spend the semester there and live in the international dormitories at the University. “She took the educational track,” said Gangwere. She plans on taking at least nine hours of Chinese language and culture courses. She hopes that she will be able to assist in a class that teaches English to the Chinese students.

“The thing I am most excited about is being able to travel and explore more,” said Cross. During the summer of her freshman year she got to go to Alaska and serve in an internship through the Student Government Association and she lived out in the wild for five weeks. She enjoys traveling and exploring.

The main purpose of the Semester in China Program is to give students the opportunity to learn Chinese, gain traveling experience internationally and living experience away from home. There are multiple things that she will do while being over there. Some of things include learning Mandarin Chinese, making international friends, learning about the history of China and, of course, having fun. There is also the opportunity to learn about the educational system and doing business in China.

The trip is costs her $2,500. That includes airfare, passport visa fees, Huangshan University tuition, room and board in China. The cost is originally $4,000, but Cross received a scholarship from Southwestern.

Cross will get to visit the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun and enjoy a weekend getaway to the Huangshan Mountains. There are also optional trips to Hangzhou Shanghai, Beijing, and the Great Wall.

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