By Gabby Gamez
Staff Reporter

Dry ground and humidity hanging thickly in the air were the conditions in which the Builder cross country team competed in when attending the 26th annual Southern Stampede at Missouri Southern in Joplin, Mo.

Taking fourth place was the men’s team. KCAC conference rivals St. Mary’s University came on first place. The Builders had an overall time of 2:17.18.17. The men’s race was an 8k being the first of the season for the Builders.

Nick Warnke, senior team captain, ran it on 27:02.77  was the first to cross for the Builders and the 20th overall. “For this being our first 8k we don’t have are mid-race kick yet,” said Warnke.

The Lady Builders took 15th at the meet with an overall time of 1:44.26.34. Coming behind was St. Mary’s who took 13th place with an overall time of 1:42:20.33.

Kelsey Buffum, junior team captain, crossed first for the Lady Builders. with a time of 19:22.61 and placed on the 21st spot. “I just ran as hard as I could for my teammates,” said Buffum. With being the first 5k of the season Buffum said “I know we will run really good for conference.”

Sothern Stampede is a yearly meet that the cross-country team visits.

“The Course was good, though it was the first time I ever ran it dry and in hot weather,” said Warnke.

Buffum was very confident that both teams would reach their goal in winning conference and heading on to nationals this year.

Men’s Individual 8K Results:

20) Warnke, Nick 27:02.77

22) Parks, Taylor 27:11.04

30) Jackson, Caleb 27:.36.12

36) Boydstun, Jersey 27:44.83

40) Hatch, Brandon 27:52.78

76) Gregg, Keegan 29:06.69

110) Loving, Skye 30:19.83

112) Anders, Jacob 30:21.71

124) Languanas, Zach 30:40.57

127) Stanly, Isaac 30:50.73

132) Wacker, Christian 31:19.76

143) Hlavenka, Devin 32:11.68


Women’s Individual 5K Results:

21) Buffum, Kelsey 19:22.61

90) Gamez, Rebeca 20:48.49

106) De La Cruz, Vanessa 21:19.04

113) Smith, Ashley 21:24.20


Gabby Gamez is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at