By Taylor Forrest
Convergent copy editor

Imagine running several miles with the hot September sun beating down on your back. Now imagine running that as a timed race.

The Builder Cross Country team traveled to Augusta Saturday to do just that.

The Lady Builders Cross Country team placed 5th out of ten teams and the Men’s team placed 5th out of 9 teams.

Jim Helmer, head coach, said that because of the heat it was hard for them to get the fast times they wanted.

“It’s so difficult for distance runners to run fast in those hot conditions, but the effort was good,” said Helmer. “We just need to get stronger and increase our mileage and we need some cooler weather to get the numbers we are wanting.”

Although times weren’t up yesterday, the overall effort was present. Kelsey Buffum, secondary education senior, and Justine Vogele, freshman, were among the top ten runners with Buffum placing 9th with a time of 16:23.7 and Vogele placing 10th with a 16:24.8.

On the Men’s side Jersey Boydston, sophomore, placed 7th with a time of 20:33.8. Caleb Jackson, business marketing senior, placed 14th and Taylor Parker, exercise science senior, placed 22nd.

While Helmer was pleased with the meet he said that they still have more work to do before their next race.

“We don’t have everyone in great racing shape yet, but we just need to continue to do hard workouts because we know how to get into the right shape,” said Helmer. “We just need to get back to work.”

The Cross Country team will travel to Missouri Southern September 19 for their next race.

Taylor Forrest is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at