By Caitlin Dyck
Staff reporter

Tradition is something that is hard to deny for a school that has had it for so long. After winning thirty-one consecutive championships in a row, tradition is something the men’s cross country team thrives on.

“We will continue to do what we have always done and strive to be successful like we always have been,” said Jim Helmer, head men’s and women’s cross country coach. Holding the title for the most consecutively successful athletic organizations on campus, tradition seems like a great approach to this upcoming season.

Five seniors from the team graduated this past spring. “It is always hard to say goodbye to great young people that make an impact on this team, but that is how it is supposed to work. We will deal with that like we always do and keep adding good groups of recruits,” said Helmer.

Mychala Money, business senior, said, “It is definitely different not having that leadership to look up to, but I am excited to see what the freshmen are capable of and I think they will help pick up any slack that we have this year.”

The team gain five men and three women this year. Coach Helmer said, “I am really pleased with the incoming freshman this year and I think they will become very successful in their years here. I am excited to see them add depth and great work ethic to the team.”

The freshmen will transition from high school to college life. Eric Lightfoot, biology freshman, said, “It has actually been much more flexible and easier to deal with than I thought. I get to take classes that I enjoy and practice is something I look forward to everyday.”

The first cross country meet of the year is 9 a.m., Aug. 3 at Wichita State University.

Caitlin Dyck is a senior majoring in general communication. You may e-mail her at