By Tierney Sutton
Staff reporter

Southwestern’s cross country teams competed at Emporia State University on Friday. It was the most competitive meet they have had so far because there were three other teams there in their conference. However, curiosity struck the team when Saint Mary’s top two men and women runners dropped out of the race. Why they did this remains a mystery. When the runners were confronted about this, they didn’t give an explanation on why they dropped out.  As for Southwestern, Coach Tim Testa seemed pleased with the results.

“I am happy with the progression of the men’s team. We haven’t practiced well in the past few weeks, but our emphasis was on stepping up and racing well,” Coach Tim Testa explained.

Jersey Boydstun was first of the team to come in with a time of 26:54 for an 8k. Boydstun was followed by Keegan Gregg (28:40), Curtis Quarrels (28:47), Jacob Anders (29:15), Will Montgomery (30:06), and Jack Berry (34:33).

“The second half of the race was more difficult than we predicted,” said Quarrel, “All of the twists and turns made the race slow, not to mention the finish was uphill,” he added.

However, Montgomery enjoyed the last stretch.

“I felt encouraged, it was nice to have people cheering for me,” he said referring to the family and friends who came out to Emporia to cheer the team on.

As for the women, Coach Testa was pumped about the results.

“The women continue to look strong. Their hard work has begun to pay off the past two races. These girls are going to catch some people off guard as the season goes on,” he said excitedly.

Justine Vogel led the women’s team with a time of 20:13, followed by Ashley Smith (20:26) and Tierney Sutton (23:41).

Tierney Sutton is a freshman majoring in communication. You can email her at