Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter

WICHITA, Kan.- Builder women took second in the 66th annual J.K Gold Classic at the R.A.F.T Gold course near Augusta Saturday morning, topping the KCAC. Cassie Hollenback, junior, was the first NAIA woman to finish resulting in 20th overall with a 4k time of 14:55.88.

The men took third in their conference and crushed their KCAC competition, having fallen short to Newman and Pratt CC. Nick Warnke, senior, led his teammates with a 6k time of 19:49.75 and took 34th overall.

“Everyone contributed very well today” said Jimmy Bryant, Head Cross Country Coach.

Bryant was particularly impressed on the women’s side. “There were 4 KCAC schools in the race and our guys and girls were top in their races, which was pretty nice,” said Bryant, “Cassie Hollenback and Kelsey Buffum finished top KCAC.”

Builder men were led by Nick Warnke, senior. He finished 34th overall with a time 19:49.75. Followed closely behind was Taylor Park, junior, with a time of 19:50.35.

Bryant assured that the results could’ve been better, but was very hopeful for the men. “The men just need to shake the cobwebs off but we have a really nice group that were within a minute of each other,” said Bryant “If we can get that whole group to move up together, that’s what we’re looking for. “

The cool weather might’ve played a factor for runners today.

“The weather was great,” said Bryant “The ground made for really good running surface today, too.”

Builder women are hopeful for a shot at Nationals this year. Cassie Holdenback has been training tough all summer for her spot. “I have been preparing for Nationals for the past four months so when the time comes, I will be ready.” said Holdenback.

The J,K Gold Classic was a good first race for many of the runners. It gave a chance for Builder men and women to compete with some tough competition.  Holdenback said, “The only girls who beat me today were Division 1 and Division 2 girls so I was proud with the way that I finished.”

Men’s Individual 6k Results:

34) Warnke, Nick 19:49.75

35) Parker, Taylor 19:50.35
40) Jackson, Caleb 20:03.58
58) Hatch, Brandon 20:37.86
59) Boydstun-Larson 20:41.46
72) Lagunas, Zachery 21:01.76
87) Gregg, Keegan 21:25.49
90) Stanley, Isaac 21:30.07
91) Leonard, David 21:34.23
98) Anders, Jacob 21:46.57
102) Wacker, Christian 21:57.07
110) Loving, Skye 22:12.80
122) Hlavenka, Devin 23:11.70


Women’s Individual 4k Results:

20) Hollenback, Cassie 14:55.85
26) Buffum, Kelsey 15:14.22
42) Harris, Wendee 16:08.31
56) Gamez, Rebeca 16:49.87
59) Smith, Ashley 16:55.71
62) De La Cruz-Cuevas, Vanes 17:03.9


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