By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

Most of us can’t imagine spending our summer days running in the blazing heat. But that’s what our Southwestern Cross Country team does. They ran nearly every single day during the summer preparing for this season. The team is ranked 14th in the country. Frank Adelman, psychology and biology junior, said, “I put in about ten and a half miles every day during the summer.”

Sept. 3, the team participated in the Wichita State University Classic. Adelman placed fifth. Colton McNinch, biochemistry sophomore, followed behind and received sixth. NcNinch said, “Felt pretty good about where I placed, a lot further ahead than last year. It was a good start to the year.”

To improve for the next race he is going to “keep the gaps closer between the runners,” said McNinch.

Adelman said “I’m going to not try and take the lead too early.”

This was the first time he ran this course due to his injury last year where he was unable to run. His goal for this year is to “try and become All-American, and win all conferences,” said Adelman.

The girls’ side, however, lost their top runner from last year, Amy Pierson.

“It was so hard to run without her, we are so used to running with her. She was a motivator and kept everyone motivated,” said Jennifer Hendrixson, business marketing senior.

Hendrixson placed 26th in her division. This was her third time running this course and she has improved every single time. Hendrixson said “I Felt good about where I placed because there were so many division one runners.”

“The team competed hard against hard competition. They handled the heat pretty well the past couple of weeks. There were significance improvements with times from last season,” said Coach Helmer.

They placed second right behind Garden City Community College. This is Helmer’s 34th season being a cross country and track coach here at Southwestern. “We always go into season wanting to be season winning champions,” said Helmer.

Katie Vorderstrasse is a freshman majoring in psychology. You may e-mail her at