Melissa Roetzer, biology junior, serves to Cowley at their first meet Monday.

By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

Women’s tennis team lost to nationally ranked Cowley County Community College at their first home match Sept. 19. “I always knew Cowley’s match was going to be tough. We are competing against a national champ,” said Randy Smith, head coach.

They started the afternoon playing doubles. Melissa Roetzer, biology junior, and Tyler Harrell, marine biology sophomore, finished 0-8. Then Sara Peck, biology freshman, paired with Kelsey Smith, early education freshman. Abby Gengler, business finance freshman and Katie McNett, secondary education and English junior, made up the third team. Both teams finished 1-8.

“I played together with Melissa last year. We are roommates this year. We always have fun playing tennis together,” said Harrell.

After doubles the women went to single matches. However, none of the women won. “I was out sick all last week. Today I just wanted to play my game. I played my best,” said Roetzer.

“We have to continue with more intense conditioning. We were limited the past few weeks with the heat and rain,” said Smith.  The Lady Builders will be going into the next game 0-1. They take on Newman University at 4 p.m Sept. 21 at Southwestern College.

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