By Bradley Cagle
Staff reporter

Within the last few weeks, there has been a number of students at Southwestern College who tested positive for COVID.

As such, these students were moved into isolation in Reid Hall. According to Dan Falk, dean of students, they are in compete isolation and are taking every precaution to take the quarantine seriously.

The students are having their meals brought to them and Reid Hall is being cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Not everyone agrees with this decision, however. Steven Huff, business sophomore, said, ”I honestly don’t agree with the decision the school made with bringing infected COVID people into a building that was non infected.”

Huff doesn’t stand alone with his feelings towards the situation. He says there are many other residents who don’t feel safe with the living situation in Reid Hall knowing there are infected people in the building.

There is also the suspicion about whether these students in isolation are taking it seriously or not.

I spoke to Cory Bibe, business junior, who had just got out of a two week quarantine in Reid Hall.

“Those two weeks were the most boring weeks of my life, although I never showed any symptoms, I took it serious and never left the room while I was in there,” said Bibe.

Hopefully all other students who are in isolation are taking it as serious as Cory did to ensure the safety of everyone else’s health on campus.