By Emily Braudaway
Staff Reporter

There are some nice family resemblances that are on this campus. Three couples work at Southwestern.

Kyle and Jordan Pond married eight years ago. Kyle is the head men’s soccer coach and Jordan is the resident director at Cole Hall.

They both have different versions of how they met, Kyle said, “She was a ‘to-go’ girl at a restaurant. And I like to say that I took her to go.”

Jordan said, “I was working at a restaurant as the ‘to-go’ girl. His family made a to-go order and he came and picked it up. Told me I was gorgeous and didn’t ask me for my phone number. He called back to ask for my phone number. After he hung up the number was deleted. Then he tried to call again after I had just left. He found out with a mutual friend and got my phone number and that’s how he got ahold of me.”

Jordan said that they had gone through a rough time in Sterling. Kyle was an assistant coach, which he only got paid in scholarship. Jordan was working at a chemical company that sourced oil, but at that time there was a huge oil shutdown so, she did not get much work.

They both came to Southwestern when Kyle was hired a week before the season. They only had one-to-two days to pack and move along with a two-month-old baby.

Kyle describes Jordan as being “Very resilient, very smart and she will figure out anything.” Jordan describes Kyle as “Charismatic, strategic and loyal.”

Martin and Cheryl Rude will be celebrating their 36th anniversary at the end of this year. Martin is the director of worship outreach and Cheryl is a professor of leadership studies.

They met when Cheryl became the pastor of youth and young adults at First Methodist Church in Wichita after graduating college. Martin grew up in that church and he was in a touring band that performed there.

They lived in Dallas for a couple of years and the former dean of students, Steve Wilkes, called them in for an interview about a couple of open positions.

Martin describes Cheryl as “Gracious, brilliant, wise and the most beautiful person inside I’ve ever known.” Cheryl describes Martin as “Creative, pure of heart and very generous.”

Joe and Brae Wood will be married for almost 11 years. Joe is the head women’s soccer coach and Brae is the director of leadership at Southwestern.

They both are alums of the college and they were both in the same class of Developmental Psychology in Mossman when Joe was a junior and Brae was a freshman. They did not realize it though and they met through a mutual friend.

Joe said, “I got a job right away from Southwestern as a graduate assistant and then became the head coach. Brae got her masters from here and then she worked two or three different jobs before coming back. I’ve been at Southwestern for the whole time we’ve been married and Brae has been here for five or six years.”

Brae said, “We both think this place shapes people in beautiful ways. We think this place is special.”

Joe said what he likes about Brae is her “Ability to laugh at herself, good counsel, a good listener and a great mom.” What Brae likes about Joe is his “Work ethic, integrity and his faith.”