Corinne Bailey Ray’s style could be compared with singers like Norah Jones and Colbie Caillat, but with a jazzy flair, based on her popular debut album “Corinne Bailey Ray,” released in 2006. 

“The Sea,” her most recent work, isn’t exactly the same material. This album is different than her easy-going, almost pop sounding debut album. In early 2008, Rae went through the unexpected death of her husband of seven years, Jason Rae. “The Sea” is said to be a reflection of her emotions during this time, a reflection of her grieving and loss and love. However, it is not a truly sappy, completely heart-broken sounding album.  Though some lyrics are indeed about grieving and loss, there are sparks of inspiration and hope in the sounds of the songs.  Devotees of Rae should be getting ready to hear a new sound from “The Sea.” It is a more dark and emotional sound than that of her first album, one that is good to get lost in.

The first song on her new album, “Are You Here,” has more rock sounds. However, her second song, “I’d Do It All Again,” takes a step back with a more calm beginning and a soulful, jazzy chorus. This song, written in January 2008, was made into a music video that has received almost all positive appraisals from YouTube viewers.

“The Blackest Lily,” the fourth song on her new album is a song that shows off the range of Rae’s voice.  This song is a faster, seductive sounding and rock-type jam that makes you tap your toe.  Her voice is so original and stylish, crisp yet powerful, that she is sure to impress many with this song in “The Sea.” “Paris Nights/New York Mornings” is another song more similar to her new sound than the sound of her debut album. 

Rae’s debut album had more co-writing, whereas with “The Sea,” every song in the work is her own creation.  On her official website, Rae says, “We recorded it in a barn near Scarborough in winter, very close to the sea itself. It was freezing cold, the wind was wild and the air was very different that night. And above us was an amazing sky full of stars as there were no street lights for miles. It’s a very special recording to me”. 

“The Sea” may not be as popular as her first album only because the style is such a shift from the first. Hopefully people will realize that this album is a product of true, raw talent and though different, is still an amazing piece of work. “The Sea” will be available on Jan. 26.