By Alissa Sheppard
Staff reporter

The first ever black history month program was held in Messanger Feb. 21 at 7 pm. Motivational speaker Corey Taylor, was the man of the hour. He preached to the audience about not missing an opportunity.

He came out, and showed out. With his theme music in the background, Taylor asked students to come on the stage to dance with him to help get the crowd pumped up and ready. Throwing money to several students was one of his mini tests to start off how important it was to not miss an opportunity, which many of them did.

President for student life, Dawn Pleas-Bailey met Corey Taylor at a luncheon in Tulsa and feel in love with who he was and what he had to say. “He is different,” said Pleas-Bailey. She said she likes his flavor. Pleas-Bailey’s job is to find people who the students will appreciate and connect to and engage them with the college, and Corey was the perfect guy. “I think he is authentic and real,” said Pleas-Bailey.

Taylor taught the audience how important it is to keep persevering and moving forward and in order to do that, we must not miss out on any opportunity that is presented to us.

Excellent, intelligent, energetic, and informative, is how Lai-L Clemons, director of campus life explains the program. She said he required students to dig deep inside themselves. Clemons said if she could have one thing stick out in the students mind, it would be “that we have to grab an opportunity, don’t just sit around, but be prepared for when they do present themselves.”

Opening of for the speaker, Kevin Rogers, physical performance senior, did not know what to expect. “I feel that this event was well worth the time,” said Rogers. He felt that this was very needed for a lot of students. For him personally he said it was an eye opener. “I learned that not all opportunities will come to me so I do not need to just sit around, I need to be ready for them,” he said. Kevin was one of the volunteers that was at the front of the stage when Corey threw money out. “Something in my head told me not to reach for the money, but I loved how he showed us how we missed out on an opportunity,” said Rogers. Overall Kevin said he was very pleased, the message was funny, yet serious and well worth it.

Alissa Sheppard is a senior majoring in communication. You may contact her at alissa.sheppard@sckans.edu.