By Kyle Killgore
Staff reporter

As the school year starts, many have noticed parking has been scarce around campus. The renovations to the football field have caused construction workers to take over much of the parking around the Christy Administration building. Students and faculty have been forced to find alternative solutions to remedy the situation.

Dick Merriman, president of Southwestern College, said, “There are sizable graveled lots behind Sutton Center and behind the tennis courts. I know they are not central to the campus and are, for that reason, less desirable, but they can handle a lot of vehicles.”

The stadium renovations are near an end, which will help alleviate some of the craziness. “We have started to put a seal coat on the parking lots and on King Drive, just to better preserve the asphalt, which has taken a beating from construction traffic over the past several months,” said Merriman.

“The seal coat means we are near the end of the construction mess, and things will get better soon,” he said.
Parking was further decreased when the parking lot between Stewart Field House and White P.E was taken out for the new Farney Family Plaza.

Returning students are frustrated by the lack of convenient parking. “I have never seen it like this,” said R.J. Bernardo, education junior. “For me, living in Wallingford, I have to park all the way by Broadhurst at times, and I have even seen quite a few students parking in no parking zones.”

Students parked in a no parking zone will receive a ticket. Students will have to cope until the construction is finished. “In graduate school I attended Indiana University, which had a student body of 35,000.  The parking problems made everyone nuts. Compared to that, no, I’m not frustrated,” said Merriman.

Kyle Killgore is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at