By Hanna House
Staff reporter

Everyone has that one class that seems impossible to pass. When asked what was that one class that always seemed to bite them in the butt, multiple students answered Genetics.

“It is a lot of tiny details about genes and how they make up an individual and how they can be changed and affected,” said Jacqueline Erlanson, accounting sophomore.

One subject at the top of a couple people’s list is the dreaded math, more specifically, Intro to Probability and Statistics.

In this class the students learn about the chances of something happening, like the odds of winning the lottery.

“The math part isn’t the hard part. You have to figure out the probability of something happening based on a word problem. That’s what can be misleading,” said Abby Warnke, business sophomore.

We all know that there are some classes where a student can pass if they just show up. Then there are classes like Genetics and Intro to Probability and Statistics where there are numerous tests and require a lot of time spent working on the material.

To get an undergraduate degree from Southwestern, one has to complete roughly 124 credit hours. Odds are some of those credit hours are going to come from classes that you have to do strenuous work to pass with a good grade.

Current freshman and sophomores have had to take the Prep 100 class to help them adjust to college life. Some good habits learned in the class on how to buckle down and get work done are:

–          Finding what works best for you. Music/no music, whatever helps get the work done.

–          Discovering a quiet work area.

–          Turn off the T.V. The more distractions, the longer it takes.

–          Getting a study partner to help you stay focused.

–          Doing the work in timed increments. Try doing half an hour of work then take a ten minute break.

–          Schedule time efficiently. Write out all upcoming activities and plan for homework time around them.

–          Write out all assignments at the beginning of the semester and put it somewhere that will be noticed frequently.

Students are frequently overwhelmed with all the assignments, readings, quizzes, papers and tests. Stay focused on what this hard work is going to bring you to: graduation and the next stage in life.

Work hard, but remember, free time is also good for students. Too much stress can have a negative impact on grades and overall classroom performance.

Hanna House is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email her at