By Cameron Siefkes
Staff reporter

We are a community. We are all linked together through different organizations and classes. We are not only close in proximity, but in our relationships with one another.

This sounds all hunky dory and creates a picture of us standing around the Mound singing “Kum Ba Yah.” Ask many students why they love SC and they will say it is because of the feeling of a community.

However, are we always supportive of one another? Do we take action to create a community or do we just say we are one?

Last week and this past weekend were filled with fantastic Homecoming activities. Many students participated in various competitions such as dodgeball, Iron Chef, and the parade. Most of us managed to claw our way through tests and mountains of homework through the stress of the week. Then, on Saturday many people filled Sonner Stadium as the football team clenched their first win of the year against the Swedes. There was much excitement and buzz about the team, which has spilled over into this week. So a big congrats to the football team on their exciting win.

And oh yeah, there was some band concert or something like that which happened as well.

How disappointing it must have been for a saxophonist, an actor, or a vocalist who has been working their tail off just as hard as any sports team only to find a few students in the crowd. Just that same afternoon many students managed to make it to a football game to support their fellow classmates, but couldn’t seem to do the same later on in the day.

Or what about the cast of six and a crew of many who slaved over a trilogy of shows since the second week of school? There was not one, not two, but nine chances to support their efforts. And for those who did decide to attend, there is the question of whether or not they were there to support those students or merely for a grade in a class or participation points in Homecoming for an organization.

Everyone loves the feeling of having people in the stands or in the audience going crazy when they do well. They also feel encouraged having those same people in the midst of defeat.

If you are already doing this, your efforts are not going unnoticed. But for those who aren’t, ask yourself how disappointing it would be if when you made a basket you heard a few weak cheers and some polite clapping. Think about who the people cheering you on are. They are your fellow students and you should be able to do the same for them. Sometimes the most rewarding part of what we do is to show it off and to make each other proud.

This is not a one way street. If you are a member of the band make it a point to go support the volleyball team. Next time you drink a can of pop, recycle it to support the efforts of the Green Team. When it comes time for Leaderships apple pie sales buy one. It may hurt your bank account, but only slightly and you will help a fellow student get one step closer to going on a trip.

It’s one thing to say we are a community, but it isn’t real unless we take the actions to actually create one.

            Cameron Siefkes is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at