Forrest Robinson, WWII veteran and graduate of Southwestern, addresses a group of people gathered to hear him speak about his time in Germany during WWII. (Carly Budd/Collegian photographer)

By Kaitlynn Munoz
Staff reporter

Southwestern College graduate and World War II veteran Forrest Robinson spoke about his war experiences Tuesday in Mossman Hall.

Robinson’s infantry division liberated the German concentration camp at Nordhausen, Germany, and he recently donated his photographs of that event to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

He has traveled widely to speak at schools, clubs, and churches about his experiences. “I speak to people because I don’t want the Holocaust to be forgotten,” said Robinson.

Robinson is a 1944 graduate of Southwestern College. With 72 people who attended from the Winfield community, the 89 year old man was happy with the big crowd. “I have an interest in world war history. It was interesting to meet someone who is involved in history,” said Jeff Delp, local resident.

“I have known Forrest for a long time, and when the opportunity came up to sponsor, I wanted to hear his story of being a soldier in WWII. He was a witness to what we read in history books and I was excited to have an opportunity for the community to hear his witness also,” said Ashlee Alley, campus minister at Southwestern.

“What we got out of Forrest coming is the difficulties of a soldier, and a soldier’s point of view on WWII,” said Alley.

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