By Gabby Gamez
Staff reporter

Color clouded the air around the runners signaling the start their race of running a mile or 5K. The Color Run that took place this past weekend was hosted by the Southwestern Leadership team. The famous Color Run was put on by Sawn Pancoast and Maggie Dunning.

This junior duo organized an event that was open to the community to participate in and also to Southwestern students. With the race taking place on Saturday April 11. When the participants checked in they received their official white t-shirt to ensure the best surface to show off the color that would be thrown on to the runners during the race.

Caleb Janssen, phycology sophomore, said “I think it’s fun to throw color at people and see their smile.” Who participated with throwing color on the runners passing by his station at the mile in a half marker.

Shawn Pancoast, accounting junior, was one of the leaders who planned the Color Run this year. He said, “It was kind of a new thing and something that I have participated in and wanted to challenge the process.” When Pancoast challenged the process by doing something that the Leadership team had not done in the past, pushing them into a new direction and tearing down boundaries of the old ways.

Some of the responsibilities that Pancoast was in charge of was to order 100 lbs. of paint in multiple colors. The color scheme that he chose was purple, orange, green and yellow. These colors he said, “Where to represent SC and the Ireland flag.”

Panncoast was very pleased with the turn out of his and Dunning’s planning towards this year’s first Color Run. “Seeing everyone happy and seeing how much fun they are had with it was rewarding” said Pancoast.
Though he did express some frustrations with the drivers who began to drive around the barricades that were blocking the roads to keep the runners safe. “It is really frustrating when people do not respect barricades” said Pancoast. Another challenge that the Leadership team faced was the unexpected 6 v 6 soccer tournament that was taking place on the turf in the stadium.

The Leadership team each year will put on a road race which is an opportunity for students involved to raise money for their leadership account. This helps pay for their expenses such as the trip the team is taking to Ireland this May.

“Everyone who worked the race gets a share of the money raised” said Pancoast who is using his share to help pay for his Ireland. The team leaves for their foreign destination on May 11.

Gabby Gamez is a junior majoring in communication. You may contact her at