By Kyle Killgore
Staff reporter

The fall is hectic for sports writers. Many sports are in season; including soccer, golf, cross country, tennis, volleyball, and of course football. Aside from that, the softball team played fall ball games, the basketball teams have been practicing and the track team is getting ready for their upcoming season.

Although I love sports, it will be relaxing to have a break from the craziness that comes along with writing sports on deadlines. On the same note, what will I watch now?

There are basketball games in the winter, but that doesn’t satisfy all the other days of the week. I’ll watch the National Hockey League when I can find it on the TV. Professional football while it lasts will be featured on my TV, but it isn’t the same as the wonderful time of fall, where college sports fill the days of the week.

Since I’ll be filling my week with winter sports to tide me over while there is only basketball, I may watch some competitive curling. If Southwestern got their own curling team, I’d be all over it, going to every match, possibly even trying out to be on the team.

If Southwestern supplied the funds for a curling team, an Ice surface would have to be assembled, possibly an ice surface where a hockey team could play. In fact, that sounds like a great idea, adding two hockey teams and two curling teams. This wouldn’t even affect title nine law, keeping athletic balance between men and women.

With the Ice rink we could allow figure skaters to come to school here and skate competitively. Ice dancers could make use of the ice surface as well.

This however is all a dream; it is highly unlikely the school will purchase an arena for ice sports, therefore making it impossible for these sports. Maybe I should take some time off with my sports writing, watch my basketball games, and leave it at that.

Kyle Killgore is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at