By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

What defines, slims, and tightens? Any popular brand of women’s workout clothes.

Cute workout clothes for women is trending and it’s left me wondering, “If workout clothes can do all of that, why do women bother to work out?”

What’s the point of exercising if the clothing worn to exercise in, does just as good a job of hiding any perceived flaws as Spanks do?

What function do they serve for a woman who is going to go work out and get sweaty, dirty and gross?

Think about it. Why would a woman care if she looks good while at the gym if she was just going there to work out?

The reason must be that women have ulterior motives for going to the gym. Women don’t go because they enjoy working up a sweat. Women aren’t naturally athletic. It has to be for some other reason.

The tops, pants and undergarments that are designed and advertised for women to work out in are all meant to help make any woman look good while exercising. These are detrimental because they make the purpose all about looks instead of health.

How ridiculous is that? Clothing that is supposed to be designed for women who want get healthier is actually designed to be all about an unhealthy belief that women are nothing but objects to be ogled at.

Just go look at ads for Adidas, Nike, Victoria’s Secret and Tracey Anderson and you’ll see that they aren’t concerned with anything but making women look sexy in their workout gear.

This belief that women have to care about their looks 24/7 no matter what they are doing is unspoken when it comes to exercise clothing sellers.

Although not much as to be said to get people to believe it as a truth, when young girls, boys, women and men are constantly bombarded with images of sexy women working out in skimpy tops and shorts on TV, in magazines and in online advertisements.

It’s a shame that after all the advancements women in sports and in the public life have made, they still get forced to choose between being sexy or a mess doing something that shouldn’t even concern looks.

It’s not about looks for men who want to train their bodies. It shouldn’t be different for women.

I mean seriously have you ever seen a man complete a workout in cute workout clothes?

No? I didn’t think so. There’s a reason for that.

Maggie Dunning is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at