By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

It can be hard to stand out while in college. While the struggle to be a part of a sports team, of the spring play, or a voice in student government makes students feel accepted. For others, individuality begins with personal style.

“Personal style is a great way to separate yourself from others,” said Jordan Unruh, nursing senior. “It can give a glimpse of who you really are.”

Unruh said she would consider her personal style to be unique. “I like to mix anything I think looks good. I might rock skinny jeans and Sperry’s one day and turn around the next day and sport cowboy boots and a plaid shirt.”

Daniel Forsyth, computer science junior, said his style depends on the day.

Forsyth, who is from California, said he saw a huge difference in style from his hometown to Kansas. “I’ve never seen so much camouflage. It was like I couldn’t see anyone. I really didn’t change my style in any way,” he said. “But people look at me funny.”

He said he gets his inspiration from his hometown and is most comfortable wearing his Vans.

Meeka Gentry, psychology sophomore, said she can’t label her style because it’s a combination of everything. “I wear whatever I feel that day.”

It might be easy to be an individual, but not everyone is as accepting. Unruh said she has experienced people staring, when she wears certain items. “I wore tights, a top, and boots, all random pieces, but I thought they were comfy cute, to lunch one day and everybody looked at me like I was missing a part of my outfit,” she said. “Let’s just say I got some stares, but I didn’t mind.”

Forsyth said he has been in a similar situation. “I have some bright green skinny jeans. Not too many people like them. That’s when I tell them, ‘ask me if I care’.”

Forsyth also said he believes having personal style means taking risks even if people staring. “If they suffer, they aren’t original. I would say try something new and see what happens, you never know.”

Gentry said it doesn’t matter what others think about your personal style. “You dress a certain way because that’s who you are and you shouldn’t let anyone change it unless you want to. If you do change it, find things that inspire you and that are really a part of you. You don’t have to be something you’re not to have style.”

Alejandra Rojas is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at

Edited by Lea Shores.