By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

Winfield’s city commission met on Sept. 3. During this meeting, three ordinances and four resolutions were passed.

Bills 1376 and 1377 were passed to make yearly corrections to a standard traffic ordinance. The ordinances addressed issues such as inattentive driving, speeding zones and parking areas throughout the city.

Other topics discussed were presenting cellphones as proof of insurance rather than a paper and the ability to adopt purple markings as no trespassing signals. Property owners could potentially mark trees, posts and telephone poles around their property to signify their intent of no trespassing or no hunting.

Four resolutions were also part of the agenda. Bills 1379, 1380, and 1381 drew attention to nuisances at the residences of 513 E. Third, 515 E. Third and 3505 Meadowlark Lane.

The meeting closed with the discussion of a CMB (Cereal Malt Beverage) application. The Young Professionals of Cowley County proposed a beer garden at the Walnut Valley Festival on Sept. 18.

A few jokes and side conversations opened the meeting and more light-hearted discussions closed as Mayor Gregory Thompson banged the gavel and officially adjourned the meeting.

Kylie Stamper is freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at