By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

Winfield’s City Commission meeting was held Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.

They started discussing having trees planted on parking lots. They referred to Winfield High School as an example. There would be more shade for cars and it would make Winfield look prettier. Then they quit joking and started the real meeting.

The first issue they discussed was the Neighbor Realization Plan, but nobody had anything to say.

Then they moved on to Business Licenses. Bora Clintely was the first to stand up and talk about this issue. She said she wanted a city license, but the commission answered she first needed a state license. According to Peters, he said, “It takes 30 days to receive a license from the state.”

“We can’t do anything until the state does it first,” Thomson said.

The meeting moved to talking about Bill 1191, which pertains to water shortages. It was requested that all water sources in Kansas need to be updated.

Porter ended the meeting by saying he hopes this fall doesn’t have consequences on water pipes.

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