By Rodney Marner
Staff reporter

This week’s City Commission meeting for Winfield came on a Tuesday due to Labor Day. This is different from most meetings that normally run on Mondays.

During the meeting, commissioners talked about six different bills in about forty-five minutes.

One of the bills they talked about in depth was an ordinance about authorizing the City of Winfield to issue its health care facilities refunding bonds for Cumbernauld Village, which is a retirement home in Winfield. The amount refunded is $5,235. The bill was passed.

Another discussed was authorizing the signing of a 20-year contract with Kansas Power Pool for the purchase of power and energy and the associated transmission service. This allows the people of Winfield to use one company to pay for all of their utilities. This bill was also passed.

When it was the citizen’s turn to speak, Scott Jones stepped up to the podium. He was worried about the chicken ordinance in Winfield. It states you are allowed to have one chicken per person in a household, as long as you attend the free fair or participate in 4-H. He has chickens and was trying to figure out how to keep them. He figured out what he needed and is going to work to follow the ordinance.

In the other business, commissioners talked about bids for replacing the west side windows of the police station. They are also going to replace the doors and skylight. The bid they passed was $47,730 with Conco Inc.

The Kansas Open Meeting Act discussion was on also on the agenda. It says that the mayor and commissioners are not allowed to e-mail each other to discuss things about bills. They are only allowed to communicate through mail or face to face contact.

Rodney Marner is a freshman majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at