By Korie Hawkins
Staff reporter

Movie trailers, posters, and media attention swarm the internet before a movie is released into theatres. Due in theatres Feb. 4, 2011, “The Roommate” stars Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, and Cam Gigandet. The promotional poster reads, “2,000 colleges, 8 million roommates.”

What it fails to mention is the large structure in the background is Christy Administration Building, and the 77 steps.

Marla Sexson, director of admission, alerted the administration. She said, “I found it from Christina Harding, who found it from Leah Hartman, who found it on Facebook from a student.” Her first reaction she said was bizarre. “In a cool way, I thought ‘no way’, but then I thought about future students and e-mailed the president.”

Dick Merriman, president, said, “I’m concerned about it, I don’t think the college gave permission for the use of that image.”

Describing Christy as a sort of iconic image of Southwestern College Merriman said, “The pillars and the steps are on our letterhead, it is all over our website.”

Concerned with the storyline of the movie about bad things that happen to a college student, Merriman said he does not want the college associated with that.

Sexson said her assumption was the photo came from the music download cards that are given to prospects, which are powered by Pure Tracks, which is affiliated with Sony. “But to know someone could prosper from our building is just crazy,” said Sexson.

Sexson said, “My assumption was because The Roommate is a Sony movie, that they had somehow got the picture from our music cards. When we contacted the vendor for our card, they couldn’t have had access to that, so then after the communications department did a little bit more research they found out that the picture came from somewhere else.”

“We are in the process of trying to figure out how this happened and what we can do about it, and prevent it from happening again,” said Merriman.

Korie Hawkins is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at